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Considered a form of acupuncture, cupping uses plastic or glass cups applied to the body; the air is then suctioned out using a small manual pump. This suction stimulates acupuncture points, increases blood flow and releases myofascial restrictions.

Electroacupuncture (EA) is a form of acupuncture in which the strenght of the stimulation is increased by running a small electrical current through the needles which stimulates the release of natural opiods. EA is an effective treatment for chronic pain.


Auricular Therapy is an effective treatment for addictions (nicotine, drugs, food) as well as for detoxification. The points in the ear are stimulated using small acupuncture needles, press needles or electrical stimulation.


Acupuncture promotes local healing, reduces pain in local areas and throughout the body, has a calming effect and improves well-being. Acupuncture inactivates myofascial trigger points and relaxes muscles.